Materials and

"Tools and technologies to keep pace with you."

High precision machines and materials such as steel, iron, titanium, aluminium, bronze, brass, and carbon, and including plastic polymers to make your project a reality.

Machine Park

Pradelli boasts a state-of-the-art and recently acquired fleet consisting of:

  • 11 5-axis milling machines and 2 3-axis milling machines
  • 2 lathes with driven tools and 1 multitasking lathe
  •  1 lathe for turning grinding (superfinishing – tempered turning)


Regarding the design component, the company has 9 CAD/CAM workstations, with which a highly qualified team develops the programs for the processing of parts, including:

  •  7 TEBIS V4.0 R7 workstations, 3 of which with 5-axis continuous post-processor
  •  1 ESPRIT workstation for turning
  • 1 ESPRIT workstation for multitasking processes
  • 4 TEBIS V4.0 R7 kinematic simulators
  • 1 CATIA V5-6 R2019 station
schermata cad


The processes requested from us require tolerances that are reduced to the minimum, which can only be reached thanks to the use of high precision and maximum reliability technologies.

For this purpose, we have prepared 2 metrological rooms, one of which is in production, equipped with the most modern instruments, within which the pre-set thermal and hygrometric conditions are kept constant. These conditions are crucial in the execution of precision dimensional measurements and in the calibration of the instruments we have, including:


  • 5 Measuring machines for three-dimensional control
  • 2 Profilometers
  •  2 Altimeters
  • 3 Roughness testers
  • 1 Durometer
  • 1 Profile projector
  • 1 Stereoscopic viewer